A vet clinic committed to the health of your pet...

1.We have been licensed veterinarians for more than 25 years

2. In our center you will always be attended by the same team of veterinarians, so the follow-up of you pet is very personal.

3. In all our consultations we advise you and explain which is the best treatment for you and your pet.

4. If your pet has a problem you can call us, we always answer the calls and we always get on the phone or call you if at that time we can not attend.

5. All the analyses are delivered to you, so that you will have the updated clinical history of your pet.

6. We send you reminders of the de-worming and other appointments.

7. The center has high-quality equipment, for example the X-ray machine is digital and our equipment are equipped with inhalation anesthesia and automatic respirators.

8. After surgery, we have individualized incubators so that your pet will be as comfortable as possible.

9. We have our own laboratory, so you do not need to wait long to get the results. Most of the tests are ready in 1 hour … biochemistry, hemograms, urine analyses, and other tests for specific diseases.

10. We have loyalty cards where you can accumulate points in addition to the health plans, so that you have the veterinary expenses already planned …

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Have a look to our Annual Health Plans


1-Preventive medicine that includes the cost of all all the vaccines that your pet needs. A health plan is the best way to keep it healthy with a fixed cost.

2- Free medical visits are included in the health plan. You can visit us as many times as you need by making an appointment.

3- The price of annual check-ups are included in all of our plans.

4- Free expert consultation on behavior, feeding and de-worming.

5- As a member of our club and, you will receive discounts of 5% on food and de-worming treatments.

6- Discounts of 10% on the rest of our veterinary services.


1-Your pet will have all of its vaccines up to date without any delay.

2-Your pet will have a programmed appointment schedule.

 3-Check ups are included for the early detection of illnesses.

 3-If you pet gets sick we will attend to it quickly and it will receive priority for following appointments.

4-We will examine you pet as many times as necessary.

5-Your pet will always meet with the same medical team so that it will receive personalized service of the highest quality.

 6-Your pet will have a discount applicable to additional tests, surgeries and other out-of-plan services.

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Contact information

C/ República del Salvador, 4. Cádiz

Phone numbers: 956211306 / 856171820
Urgencies 656971314

Email: info@clinicaveterinariacadiz.com

Open hours:
Monday to thursday 10:30-14:00 and 17:00-20:00h
Friday 10:30-14:00h

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Parking facilities

You will find regulated parking areas around the Vet Clinic or you will also have a parking on the Av. Del Nuevo Mundo.

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